The Works of Mahdi Gransberry. 20. Photographer. Milwaukee. MIAD '16.

Over the next couple posts I’ll be experimenting with how I post. Trying to post more than the photos…


I’m directing a music video tomorrow. It’ll be for this song Puppy Love by local artist theofficiallex . We’ll be at Atwater Beach in Shorewood (google it, you’ve probably been there before, but didn’t know what it was called) and the call time is 3pm. Be there by 3 pm so I can prep you. If you’re running a little late, that’s okay. We’re going with a beach fun type feeling for the video. It’ll be cute. So be ready to look like you’re best friends and to appear intimate with people you probably don’t know. Now… don’t freak out, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning. But it’s supposed to get sunny around the time we’ll be ready to start shooting. Trust me, I have the Weather Channel app on my phone. “But Freakish, what do I wear?” Clothes you wear to have fun at the beach. Whatever that is to you, do it. Also bring a sweater or hoodie. Just in case.